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Researchers Discover Ancient Urartian Castle in Eastern Turkey

Ancient Origins 23 Jun 2021
The spectacular ancient castle of Van in Turkey, known also as Tushba Castle or the Fortress of Van, was built by the Urartians ... The mighty Urartian civilization ruled a region that included what is now eastern Turkey and the Republic of Armenia for nearly three centuries, from approximately 860 BC to 590 BC.

Media tour to Turkey''s Antalya organized for Azerbaijani journalists

MENA FN 23 Jun 2021
... places of the province, in particular, ancient city of southern Turkey - Aspendos.

Turkish authorities to restore Temple of Zeus Lepsynos

Greek City Times 22 Jun 2021
The Temple of Zeus Lepsynos, which was built in the 2nd century B.C., is being restored by Turkish authorities in the Mylasa (Μύλασα) district of southwest Turkey ... The temple in the Ancient Greek city was built by benefactors during the reign of Roman Emperor Hadrian ... Northern gate of Ancient Greek city Stratonikeia restored by Turkish authorities.

100 Ancient Ruins Around the World

Heritage Daily 22 Jun 2021
4 – The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids ... 14 – Kerma – The Ancient African Kingdom ... Miletus is an ancient Greek city, located in western Anatolia, near the mouth of the Maeander River in the Aydın Province of present-day Turkey ... Gümüşler Monastery is an ancient Byzantine monastery carved out of rock in the modern-day town of Gümüşler in Turkey.
photo: Creative Commons / Murat Özsoy 1958
UNESCO World Heritage List. The famous rock sanctuary of YAZILIKAYA, which is an open-air temple with two natural chambers cut into the bedrock, lies 2 km northeast of the capital, on a slope of a mountain barrier, Turkey

Stunning archeological find: Is there an 'underworld' under the earth?

The Jerusalem Post 21 Jun 2021
During archaeological excavations at the Yazılıkaya Rock Temple in Turkey, which began almost 200 years ago, revealed an ancient calendar and a map of the cosmos that may raise a particularly interesting topic ... Watch an explanation from Luwian Studies University that researched the subject. ... cnxps.cmd.push(function () { cnxps({ playerId ... .

Yazılıkaya: 3200-Year-Old Temple Reflects Hittite Views on Time and the Cosmos

Ancient Origins 18 Jun 2021
Yazılıkaya is a 3,200-year-old building that was known to have been central in religious ceremonies in the capital city of the ancient Hittite Empire ... Relief in the ancient astronomical observatory ... Relief at the ancient rock sanctuary Yazilikaya in Hattusa, ancient capital of the Hittite Civilization - Corum, Turkey.

Democratic Norms Must Prevail in Sunday’s Elections

Asbarez 18 Jun 2021
... provinces; more than 200 prisoners of war and captives are being held illegally and tortured by the Baku regime; and just this week Turkey’s president visited the ancient Armenian capital of Shushi where he made not so veiled threats against Armenia’s territorial integrity.

Mysterious 3,200-year-old stone carvings in Turkey finally revealed as ancient Hittite calendar and map of ...

The Daily Mail 17 Jun 2021
Archaeologists in Turkey believe mysterious 3,200 year-old stone carvings are an astronomical map of the cosmos and an ancient calendar. The Yazılıkaya rock sanctuary in central Turkey, about 100 miles from Ankara, was first rediscovered by French historian and archaeologist Charles Texier in 1834.

3200-year-old shrine in Turkey may be an ancient view of the cosmos

TheNewsHOOK 17 Jun 2021
3200-year-old shrine in Turkey may be an ancient view of the cosmos ....

Turkish presidential orchestra seeks to hold series of summer concerts

Anadolu Agency 16 Jun 2021
As a part of the ministry's Summer Concert, "we planned to hold concerts in the cultural spots, including museums and ancient cities across Turkey ... Along with a big concert tour throughout Turkey, the orchestra expects to continue to hold concerts in the capital Ankara, he stressed.

VIDEO: Stunning Time-Lapse Footage Of Milky Way Over Ancient Ruins

The Tennessee Tribune 15 Jun 2021
The sky over what was the ancient city of Blaundus in Turkey ...There are many promotional films about ancient cities ... Turkish photographer Isa Turan, 40, captured magnificent footage at the 2300-year-old ancient city of Blaundus in Usak, Turkey on 4th June 2021.

Northern gate of Ancient Greek city Stratonikeia restored by Turkish authorities

Greek City Times 15 Jun 2021
The northern gate of the Ancient Greek city of Stratonikeia was restored by archaeologists and conservationists in Turkey. The Ancient Greek city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, is located in southwestern Turkey and was founded by the Seleucid king Antiochus ...

Sea slime on Turkey's shores is both unpleasant and unsurprising

The National 13 Jun 2021
Sea slime is not just Turkey's problem ... Is Turkey a water-hoarding bogeyman? ... Turkey can play a constructive role in Libya ... Rather than finding ways to conserve water and protect reservoirs, Turkey has built hundreds of dams in recent years, such as the Tigris dam that submerged the ancient city of Hasankeyf last year, eviscerating the local economy.

The Ancient City of Perrhe

Heritage Daily 12 Jun 2021
Perrhe, also called also Antiochia on the Taurus was an ancient city of the Kingdom of Commagene, located north of the present-day city of Adıyaman, Turkey ... Commagene was originally part of the Kingdom of Sophene, but became an independent state in 163 BC when Ptolemaeus of Commagene established himself as king ... Image Credit .

Israel discovers 7,000-year-old seal impression

Sina 10 Jun 2021
Measuring less than a centimeter wide, the fragment was found in great condition because of the dry climate of the valley ... Other archeological finds at the site reveal evidence that the residents in Tel Tsaf were in contact with populations far beyond the region in ancient times, including people from Mesopotamia, Turkey, Egypt and Caucasia ... Enditem.

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