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Ancient artifacts shine light on history in NW Turkey

Anadolu Agency 10 Apr 2021
Artifacts found in northwestern Turkey from the ancient civilizations of Thrace, Persia, Macedonia, Rome and Byzantium are a must see for museum-goers in the area, local tourism officials have said. The relics are in exhibits in three of Turkey's provinces in the Thrace region, ...

Prince Philip’s life was hard, he did his duty and it was a lesson to us all

New York Post 09 Apr 2021
More On.. prince philip. Death of Prince Philip will be met with ‘ritual wailing’ on island where he’s a ‘god’ ... The emperors of Germany, Austria and Turkey had all been cast down from ancient thrones in World War I ... When Philip was born, Greece was at war with Turkey, and Philip’s father Andrew was fighting in the field ... .

Ancient theater in Turkey to reopen after restoration

Anadolu Agency 07 Apr 2021
A 2,200-year-old theater in southwestern Turkey’s ancient city of Laodicea (Laodikya) is set to reopen in the summer after its restoration. Laodicea is located Turkey’s southwestern Denizli province ... The restoration work has come to an end at the ancient theater, which ...

Turkey: Women adorn Roman designs on clothing, ceramics

Anadolu Agency 06 Apr 2021
Roman-era mosaics are being brought to life in southern Turkey, where an institute is teaching how to apply the ancient designs to a variety of wares, from clothing and jewelry to glass, ceramic and wooden ornaments ...

Historic Roman Monastery and Stunning Mosaic Unearthed in Turkey

Ancient Origins 04 Apr 2021
Recently, two unidentified men, conducting an illegal excavation, stumbled upon an invaluable piece of history in western Turkey ... The Roman monastery mosaic recently unearthed in Western, Turkey ... Ancient mosaic, Roman-era monastery found in Western Turkey ... https.//

1500-year-old Greek mosaic uncovered in Turkey

Greek City Times 04 Apr 2021
A monastery built during the Hellenistic and Roman periods era and a 1,500-year-old mosaic was unearthed in western (Ancient Greece Smyrna) Modern Turkey’s Izmir as security forces ...

Conversion of Hagia Sophia, 'Love Jihad' to be a factor in central Kerala constituencies

Yahoo Daily News 04 Apr 2021
T G Biju Kochi, Apr 4 (PTI) Issues like conversion of the ancient Hagia Sophia church in Turkey to a mosque, incidents of 'Love Jihad' and 'harassment' of nuns in a moving train in Uttar Pradesh, will be reflected in the April 6 assembly polls, say voters in Christian dominated Central Kerala constituencies.

Ancient synagogue in Turkey catches fire in possible arson

The Jerusalem Post 01 Apr 2021
In 1970, Turkey had 39,000 people who self-identified as Jewish ... A previous version of this article contained a reference to a report in the mainstream media in Turkey about the seizure of an ancient Torah scroll in the city of Samsun ... .

Turkish police seize apparent ancient Torah scroll during car search

New York Post 31 Mar 2021
Maya ruins in Belize offer peek at ancient wealth inequality. Greek archaeologists unearth bronze bull idol from ancient Olympia ... Authorities seized a 2,000 year old Torah scroll while searching two cars in northern Samsun province in Turkey ... Police arrested five people suspected of illegally dealing the ancient Torah scroll in Turkey.

13 Complex Cave Castles, Temples, and Buildings Carved In Mountains

Interesting Engineering 30 Mar 2021
It is understood that all the temples were built at a similar time, revealing a culture of harmony and tolerance in ancient India ... The mountain structure resting place of ancient kings. Lycian Tombs, Turkey ... Dating from around the 4th century BC, some of the most famous cave structures in the world, the can be found in Dalyan, Turkey.

Turkey: Fountain in ancient Becin flowing once again

Anadolu Agency 27 Mar 2021
Water began to flow from a castle fountain in Becin Ancient City in southwestern Turkey after approximately 700 years because of excavation and restoration work. . Becin Ancient City, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, is located in the Milas district of Mugla and was the capital of the Menteseogullari Principality ... Turkey.

Turkish president shares Passover greetings

Anadolu Agency 27 Mar 2021
Turkey's president shared Passover greetings on Saturday with the country’s Jewish community ... of Pesach, one of the most important religious holidays of Judaism," Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a message shared by Turkey’s Communications Directorate.

Christian, Jewish and Muslim holy holidays converge in the week ahead

Provo Daily Herald 27 Mar 2021
It begins with the first chapter of Exodus in the Old Testament when the Israelite slaves are freed from bondage by the prophet Moses and ancient Israel is formed ... The traditional holiday has been celebrated since ancient times in Iran and is observed by people in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Pakistan, Syria and Tajikistan.

The metals of antiquity – tin

Mining Dot Com 26 Mar 2021
The discovery of ancient tin workings in Southern Turkey ​late last century provided the first solid clues to the millennia old mystery of just where the tin used in the earliest tin bronze artefacts came from! The vast expanse of underground workings appear to have been mined ...

Macron: Greece Inspired in the Past and Inspires in the Present

The National Herald 25 Mar 2021
He also underlined the importance of the EU's collaboration with Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Libya. Citing his own influnce by the ancient Greek culture, which has permeated Europe and linked it irrevocably to Greece, he also noted a stronger unifying factor today, the commtment to freedom and the European adventure. . .