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Miracle Plant Used in Ancient Greece Rediscovered After 2,000 Years

Greek Reporter 25 Jun 2024
Even though Ferula Drudeana is found hundreds of miles from where it originated, according to Miski, it has been found in two locations in Turkey, which were once home to Ancient Greeks thousands of years ago.

Baklava: The Culinary Delight that Unites Turks and Greeks

Greek City Times 23 Jun 2024
A recent survey conducted in Greece and Turkey has illuminated the differing opinions and preferences surrounding baklava, igniting discussions about its history and cultural significance ... Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

One-of-a-Kind Roman Lorica Squamata Armor Restored

Ancient Origins 22 Jun 2024
In an unprecedented conservation triumph, the only known example of Roman legionary Lorica Squamata armor, dated to be around 1500 years old, has been meticulously restored in Turkey.

Some things never change it seems

Daily Gate City 21 Jun 2024
... the neolithic stone structures of southern Turkey, .

Nalanda University - A quest to make India knowledge centre

Hindustan Times 20 Jun 2024
Nationality was not a criteria for admission in the ancient Nalanda and the new Nalanda will also develop on similar lines,” he said after inaugurating the campus ... The campus blends the flavour of the ancient Nalanda with modern facilities.

Samos Young Artists Festival

Ekathimerini 20 Jun 2024
... world to converge at the ancient Theatre in Samos ... Seven days filled with music in the enchanting ancient theatre of Pythagorion, overlooking the sea, the islands and the coast of neighbouring Turkey.

Ancient Apocalypse Season 2 Renewed: Everything We Know About It

Pinkvilla 19 Jun 2024
Ancient Apocalypse Season 2 confirmed ... Ancient Apocalypse Season 2 Renewed ... Ancient Apocalypse has been renewed for its Season 2Everything to know about Ancient Apocalypse’s criticism  ... Ancient Apocalypse has been renewed for its Season 2.

Submerged Ancient Greek City Resurfaces in Turkey

Greek Reporter 19 Jun 2024
Ruins of another ancient Greek polis in Asia Minor, Miletus ... The ruins of an ancient Greek city in Asia Minor have become visible recently for the first time in three decades due to a drought that has caused the water of the Bayramiç Dam to recede.

Stephen Fry: Removing Parthenon sculptures was like Nazis taking the Arc de Triomphe

Ekathimerini 17 Jun 2024
Lord Elgin removed the marbles from the ancient citadel in 1806, during a period when Greece was under Ottoman rule. Recently, Turkey publicly rejected the claim that he had received permission from ...

Activists For The Reunification of The Parthenon Marbles Demonstrate in London

Greek Reporter 16 Jun 2024
... on Facebook, urging voters at the UK General Election in July to push for the reunification of the pieces of the ancient masterpiece in Athens. Turkey erodes UK’s Legal Claim For the Parthenon Marbles.

5 Mysteries From the Ancient World That Remain Unexplained

Greek Reporter 14 Jun 2024
Mysteries of the ancient world ... The mysterious handbag is found in the culture of the Sumerians, the ruins of ancient Greek temples in today’s Turkey, decorations of the Maori natives of New Zealand, and works of the Central American Olmecs.

Ancient Greeks May Have Built Temples Where Earthquakes Struck

Greek Reporter 12 Jun 2024
... earthquakes and ancient cities in parts of Greece and western Turkey might not seem unduly surprising given that the Aegean region is riddled with seismic faults and littered with ruined settlements.

What Was the Origin of the Ancient Phrygians?

Greek Reporter 11 Jun 2024
Phrygian soldiers depicted on a reconstruction of a Phrygian building in Turkey ... The ancient Phrygians were one of the most prominent and important nations in Iron Age Anatolia ... the ancient Phrygians.

Affordable Getaways Beckon

The Arabian Post 09 Jun 2024
Travelers seeking cultural immersion can explore the rich heritage of Jordan, where the ancient city of Petra and the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea await ... ancient churches and monasteries.

UAE: Top 10 summer destinations for residents with airfares starting at Dh425

Khaleejtimes 09 Jun 2024
Dubai resident M Rizvi, who is planning a family vacation in Turkey, said ... Its rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty sets Turkey apart — from the ancient ruins of Ephesus to the stunning coastline along the Mediterranean.".