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Excavations Reveal Pergamon Amphitheater Had Reserved ‘Box Seats’

Ancient Origins 27 Sep 2021
VIP 'box seats' found at ancient amphitheater in Turkey's Izmir ... https.// ... 'Box seats' for elite found at ancient amphitheater in Turkey's Izmir ... https.//

Archeologists continue work to unearth Uzuncaburc ancient city in S.Turkey

Anadolu Agency 27 Sep 2021
Work continues in southern Turkey to unearth the ancient Hellenistic city of Uzuncaburc, the head of the excavations told Anadolu Agency on Monday.

Turkey Says Greece Restricts Muslim Religion Teachers, Students

The National Herald 26 Sep 2021
Turkey has stepped up ... In May, While refusing to open the Halki Seminary in Constantinople after 50 years and converting the ancient revered Agia Sophia Orthodox Church there into a mosque, Turkey insisted on more rights for Muslims living in Greece's Western Thrace region.

The Global Chef: Try delicious chickpea flour for an easy flatbread

The Sentinel Echo 26 Sep 2021
Buttery and nutty chickpeas (aka Spanish garbanzo, Indian chana and Italian ceci beans) are the wonders of the legume world. Wild chickpeas arose in the Fertile Crescent around southeastern Turkey and adjacent Syria around 7500 years ago. Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian farmers first cultivated them around 3000 BC ... Serve it hot or lukewarm ... 1 C ... 1 t ... .

Epigraphs shed light on earthquakes in Turkey's ancient city of Tripolis

Anadolu Agency 24 Sep 2021
Ongoing excavations in southwestern Turkey have revealed details on earthquakes from an ancient period. . Excavations and restoration efforts that began in 2012 in the ancient city of Tripolis in Buldan district of Denizli province revealed skeletal remains as well as the effects of earthquakes on structures at the site.

Provocative Turkish analysts: “We will enter Greece via Alexandroupolis or Bulgaria!”

Greek City Times 24 Sep 2021
military forces in Evros, retired Lieutenant Erdoğan Karakuş – who previously argued that the names “Aegean” and “Agamemnon” are “ancient Turkish” – commented Turkey is prepared to invade Western Thrace in Greece ... Turkey demands Greece to reduce Friday school hours for Muslim schools in Thrace.

2,400-year-old houses unearthed in Turkey's ancient southwestern city

Anadolu Agency 24 Sep 2021
Two houses dating back 2,400 years and believed to be used by middle-class people were found during excavations in an ancient city in southwestern Turkey. The ancient city of Miletos in the Didim district of Aydin province was one of the prominent cities in the fields of ...

Necropolis in Turkey Reveals the Iron Age Burial Customs of the Urartu

Ancient Origins 23 Sep 2021
Excavations that started over five years ago at a Urartian necropolis at Çavuştepe Castle in eastern Turkey (ancient Anatolia) have revealed a multiplicity of burial customs among the Iron Age Urartu people (9th century BC-6th century BC) ... Researchers Discover Ancient Urartian Castle in Eastern Turkey Together for two millennia.

'Box seats' for elite found at ancient amphitheater in Turkey's Izmir

Anadolu Agency 23 Sep 2021
Private seating areas with names engraved on them have been found at an 1,800-year-old amphitheater in the ancient city of Pergamon in Turkey’s western Izmir province ... Institute of Architecture, under the auspices of Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Rescue excavation underway to unearth ancient city in southern Turkey

Anadolu Agency 22 Sep 2021
Rescue excavation around a Christian cave church in southern Turkey are underway in a bid to demystify a long period going back to 300 B.C., when the ancient city of Antioch was founded ... Pierre Church near Necmi Asfuroglu Archeology Museum in Turkey’s southern Hatay ...

Russian Senator Calls Erdogan's Remark on Crimea Nostalgia for Middle Ages

Urdu Point 22 Sep 2021
"We understand Turkey's interests in relation to the Crimean Peninsula. And this is probably a kind of nostalgia for very ancient medieval times ... Commenting on the situation with the Crimean Tatars, he said that Turkey did not really care about them even when Crimea was part of ...

Transgender Turkish doctor is struck off by the Health Ministry for 'offending public morality' by ...

The Daily Mail 20 Sep 2021
A transgender doctor has been struck off by Turkey's health ministry for 'offending public morality' after posting a series of bikini pictures to social media ... Turkey withdraws from international treaty to prevent... Furious female protestors take to the streets in Turkey... Turkey's President Erdogan turns another ancient Istanbul...

Underground city in central Turkey dazzles visitors with its ancient tombs

Urdu Point 20 Sep 2021
AKSARAY, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Sep, 2021 ) .The ancient underground city of St. Mercurius in central Turkey impresses visitors with its church and tombs. The underground city, located in the central Aksaray province's Saratli town, is home to a total of 35 ancient tombs and a human skull which was found to belong to the wife of St.

Headless Statue of Greek Health Goddess Hygieia Unearthed at Aizanoi

The National Herald 17 Sep 2021
AIZANOI – The headless statue of Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health was recently unearthed by archaeologists at Aizanoi, a 5,000-year-old site in what is now Turkey, Smithsonian Magazine reported on September 2. The ancient Greek city in Anatolia is also home to a temple dedicated to Zeus and excavations have been ongoing for about a decade.

Vacation golfing – Attractive travel destinations

Swords Today 17 Sep 2021
Golf is more than just a beautiful and healthy sport – golf is a passion ... A golf vacation in Greece or Turkey offers indelible imprints and an opportunity to delve deeper into history. Visit the ancient sights of Greece or enjoy the convenience of golf resorts on the Turkish Riviera, which stretches along the southern coast of the country ... ....

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