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Byzantine church, tombs, inscriptions unearthed in Turkey's ancient city of Kaunos

Anadolu Agency 21 Oct 2021
The Byzantine church, tombs, and inscriptions were found during the excavations carried out in western Turkey's ancient city of Kaunos that was included on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2014 ... The 2,400-year-old rock tombs and a 5,000-seat ancient theater welcome the visitors to the area.

Excavation season ends in Dascylium ancient city in NW Turkey

Anadolu Agency 21 Oct 2021
This year's session of excavations at the ancient city of Dascylium in Turkey's Aegean Balikesir province has been completed ... 200 years after Alexander the Great captured it in a victory against the Persians near the Biga town of Turkey's northwestern Canakkale province.

Turkey's 'City of Gladiators' awaits visitors with its new unearthed artifacts

Anadolu Agency 20 Oct 2021
A total of 378 new historical artifacts have been unearthed since the beginning of this year in the Stratonikeia ancient city located in Turkey’s Aegean Mugla province ... from the ancient period to the present are preserved as a whole.".

Turkey violates Greek airspace 38 times in a single day

Greek City Times 20 Oct 2021
Turkey continue to violate Greek airspace over the Aegean Sea, including with armed fighter jets ... READ MORE. New challenges from Turkey ... Tags. aegean sea, Greece news, Greek airspace, Greek news, Turkey. Previous Article The phenomenal phrasebook for Ancient Armenians living in Hellenic Egypt. No Newer Articles. 0 ... New challenges from Turkey ... .

J2911 Media Adds ‘Trial and Triumph’ To Catalogue

Videoage 20 Oct 2021
Mark Wilson, a researcher on ancient Biblical Turkey, as well as archeologists and historians on ...

Cafe's reimagined menu spotlights Cherokee traditions

Tahlequah Daily Press 19 Oct 2021
Hungry customers can find a kanati and selu salad; Ani salad; roasted corn chowder; and turkey and tepary bean chili. And for lunch, guests will find fried catfish tacos; bison lettuce wraps; a four sisters hummus wrap; NDN taco sliders; bison burgers; a rose hip-brined turkey sandwich; and ancient grains bowls ... The Kawi Cafe is open from 7.30 a.m ... .

Church dating 1,600 years back discovered in Turkey's Priene ancient city

Anadolu Agency 18 Oct 2021
A church dating back to 1,600 years ago was discovered in the Priene ancient city that is included in the UNESCO Tentative List and located in Turkey's Aegean Aydin province ... The ancient city attracts attention with the Temple of Athena Polias, a theater, the Temple of Demeter, a council house, the Sanctuary of Egyptian gods, and a Byzantine church.

Sex, Love & Goop: Gwyneth Paltrow has made the weirdest sex show on the planet

The Guardian 18 Oct 2021
... she doesn’t only eat brown rice and seaweed, as people think she does – she actually eats normal food, just in quite a healthy way, and anyway here’s a recipe for turkey ragu. Looking at it now, it’s like peering at an ancient relic from a civilisation that no longer exists.

Afghanistan's 'last Jew' arrives in Istanbul after Turkey grants visa

Anadolu Agency 17 Oct 2021
... after Turkey granted him a visa ... Turkey has had Jewish communities since ancient times, and many expelled Spanish and Portuguese Jews were welcomed into the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century.

The Sunken City of Dolichiste

Heritage Daily 16 Oct 2021
Dolichiste, also called Kekova Adası is an ancient Lycian city, partially submerged on the shores of Kekova Island in southern Anatolia, Turkey. The city was a trading hub on an ancient Mediterranean trade route between Andriake (the port of Myra), Simena, Teimioussa, and Aperlae, ...

Turkey's heritages enjoy UNESCO stamp

Anadolu Agency 15 Oct 2021
Located in eastern Turkey, the 7,000-year-old ancient mound of Arslantepe was added to the UNESCO list just earlier this year ... Serving as the capital of the ancient Lycian kingdom in current-day southwestern Turkey, it "illustrates the blending of Lycian traditions and Hellenic influence, especially in its funerary art," the UN agency underlines.

Turkey says to provide support if Afghan people's rights are protected

Sina 15 Oct 2021
The president stressed that Turkey has an ancient brotherhood and friendship with the Afghan people, and it is not possible for the country to put them aside. "Having, previously, run the Kabul airport, Turkey can take similar ...

The Veterans' Chaplain: Assumptions

The Norman Transcript 14 Oct 2021
There was a place in ancient northwestern Anatolia (modern day Turkey) that was a perfect spot to build a city ... Those ancient cities in Anatolia, all built on the same spot, had various names, most of which we don’t know ... An ancient Greek poet named Homer composed an epic poem about the war that brought about the destruction of the seventh city.

Temple of Zeus to regain former glory in southwest Turkey with new columns

Anadolu Agency 12 Oct 2021
The Temple of Zeus Lepsynos in the ancient city of Euromos in southwestern Turkey will regain former glory with the resurrection of newly excavated columns ... of the architectural blocks," Euromos Ancient City Excavation Director Abuzer Kizil told Anadolu Agency.

Celestyal announces new cruise packages for 2022-23

Greek City Times 12 Oct 2021
Greek cruise operator Celestyal Cruises yesterday announced its new recreational tourism packages for 2022 and 2023. Cruises to Greek islands will launch on March 14, 2022, this time including the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey in the list of weekly destinations ... Tags. Celestyal, cruise packages ... .